About the Project

The Heritage Cookbook Project started when my Auntie came for a visit with my folks one summer. As we sat around the picnic table enjoying the summer sun and the smell of dinner on the grill, she and my dad reminisced about life on the farm in Northern Minnesota. I detected a pattern in the stories. They all seem to revolve around or had food somewhere within the narrative.

And I thought, "you know, there is something here. Food connects us, it recalls our roots, and it brings us to the table to talk." So, there you have it. The start of a beautiful, delicious project. I hope you enjoy consuming it as much as I enjoy making it!!

The farmhouse in Northern Minnesota.

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To be part of a really cool community, of course. A community that is enthusiastic about the foods that define family and cultural heritage. A community that understands the power of food to cultivate connection and encourage dialogue. A community that graciously shares family recipes and a little of themselves.

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Welcome, and enjoy!

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